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Splash is in the business of Light Structures that can be used as semi-permanent, portable or transportable buildings for working, living and storage spaces.

All structures are certified to Australian and New Zealand Building Codes, and perfect for the weather conditions of South Australia.

This is a Promotional Page for the Adelaide, Murray Bridge and Port Wakefield districts.

Splash Arch Shelters

Fabric Arch Shelters (soft tops) are tensioned industrial tents, materials include fabric (PE, PVC and Shade Cloth) with clear span or double truss steel frames. Our range includes designs originally from USA, Canada and Europe which are fully certified to the World Building Codes i.e. IBC Standards, modified to meet our own Australian and New Zealand Building codes.  

Hard Top Steel Arch Shelters are similar the fabric with the exception we use hard materials such as full steel or synthetic panels.  These shelters are for those who must have maximum security, fire hazard protection or extreme weather tolerance.

Arch Shelters come in many shapes and sizes, and are used as event pavilions,    sports and entertainment shelters, container covers, shelters, sheds, warehouses, rural sheds, barns and animal shelters, equestrian stalls, stables and arenas,  and aircraft hangars.  Available for shipment to anywhere in South Australia from Adelaide or Melbourne, the majority of items are available in DIY assembly kit form.   Steel Frame arch shelters are available up to 30 meters wide.

Industrial Tents 

We also offer a limited range of aluminum or steel frame industrial strength tents geared mainly to events and entertainment, plus some industrial applications in regions. Our range includes Aluminum PVC Marquee Tents and Steel Pole (Circus) Tents up to 50 meters wide.  

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Splash Flat Pack Containers

Cabins, Offices and Storage Containers.   

Splash has also introduced a range of imported flat pack structures that are used as cabins, offices and rooms, container homes, shacks or sheds. These portable structures are extraordinarily useful and versatile. 

They are already insulated and wired for immediate use. They can be stacked/joined together to make larger spaces. 

They can also be poshed up with a host of add-ons, windows, glass doors, kitchens, bathrooms.  You paint up, coat or vinyl clad the steel exerior panels to your own taste, or we can offer you a change of factory steel cladding (sea container ribbed or Australiana corrugated.  

Use a single unit as a shack, office or flat ...  or join them to use as a hostel, motel, school rooms, office complex, camp cabins or general quarters for anything. 

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Portable buildings are becoming more popular as fixed structures ... with the start stop economies that most businesses now experience, many appreciate the option of being able to move their structures at any time the future.


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Flat Pack Container Shelters

Shops Offices Flats Studios

Factory Direct

Fully Modular Stack 3 High.

Gable Roofs, Kitchens & Ensuites. Sliding Glass Doors,  Large Windows

Optional Cladding


Portable Folding Steel Containers

Install/Dismantle in an hour!

Same size and materials as

Sea Containers - no Twist Locks

Factory Direct


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