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Splash has promoted Fabric Shelters since 2001,  and now have a good range of portable structures including Arch Shelters, Flat Pack Containers and EPS Panel Buildings that we manufacture in Asia, and promote around the world from Australia. Our portable structures are used as storage, dwellings and hangars.

This is a promotional page for Auckland, Christchurch & Wellington New Zealand.

Read More at our official website:   Splash Arch Shelters Website

Arch Shelter Fabric Structures.

Splash Arch Shelters (soft tops) have a galvanized steel or aluminum frame and strong PE or PVC (or Shade Cloth) fabric membrane. Arch Shelters have a host of useful options and are popular with rural, equestrian, animal shelters, construction and mining industries as sheds or workshops.  Mount on containers, posts or walls..  

We have some exciting new designs, very popular in USA, Canada and Europe which have been modified slightly to suit Australia standards.  They are so affordable and very strong ... cool in summer, weather protection in winter ...

Industrial Tents 

We also offer a limited range of aluminum or steel frame industrial strength tents geared mainly to events and entertainment, plus some industrial applications in regions.

Our range includes Aluminum PVC Marquee Tents and Steel Pole (Circus) Tents up to 50 meters wide. 

Official Website:  http://www.splashstructures.com 

Sizes come in widths:  6 to 30 Meters  Larger available as custom build.

Flat Pack Container Shelters  

It's all the rage to build a converted container shack or office at the moment, so if that's your interest, check out these before you do.   Flat Packs are literally a container design, that arrives dissembled  in a kit,  and is already insulated and wired for power. They are a neat fully modular box that can be joined into any size structure you want. 

Buy a basic unit for an office, studio or insulated storage shed, or stack them to 2 high  (any number long or wide) and make a mini complex of offices or living quarters e.g. hostel, camp or village. Include some add ons, such as larger windows, slide glass doors, gable roof, stairs or a covered patio - and if you want to get really fancy, we can give you  a different color or cladding ... so it looks like a traditional container or even a cedar cabin!

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