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Splash is in the business of portable or fixed, Fabric Structures and Flat Pack Buildings, for working, playing and living.

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Splash Arch Shelters

Fabric Arch Shelters are fabric structures, but not tents! They are engineered structures that fall in line with Australian and New Zealand building codes to make fantastic sheds, warehouses, shade shelters, boat sheds, sports pavilions agriculture buildings and aircraft hangars.  They are cool in Summer and protective in Winter.  Many of our shelters are suited DIY, so build yourself and save money.

Read More at our official website:   Splash Structures official website

Arch Shelters are excellent for the rural industry, they are a good alternative to many other types of shed, animal enclosure, building or hangar!  Fabric structures are quick to construct, pleasant to work or play under and good value for money.            

We offer a variety of Australian, Korean and European fabrics to cover our shelters (PVC, PE and Shade Cloth).  Alternatively you can just order our clear span or double truss frames and arrange your fabric cover locally.

Industrial Tents are our range of aluminium and steel frame fabric structures focussed mainly on events and entertainment, with some industrial applications.    

Read More about these at our official website:   Splash Arch Shelters Website

Industrial Tents are available up to 60 meters wide (aluminium).

Splash Flat Pack Containers

A great alternative to a regular sea container, which seems to be the trendy thing to convert into a portable home or shack these days ...

Flat Pack Containers are already wired and insulated, (no harmful materials) ready to be used immediately upon installation (3-4 hours) as an insulated storage unit or poshed up into a delightful, livable or workable space.    

Flat Pack Containers are used as sheds, mining quarters, site offices, airport training school rooms, market stalls,  kiosks and food stands, studios and granny flats, work site offices and literally anything else you can think of!   You can attach them to a trailer or pontoon! 

Move it - sell it when finished with it .. Can you predict what will happen in the future?    Splash offers hundreds of standard fixed or relocatable portable structure designs that you can take with you. Engineers are on standby to assist with custom designed structures.


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Light Structures

Flat Pack Containers

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Steel Folding Containers

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