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Greater Brisbane Region

Splash offers a variety of Relocatable Fabric Structures that take into consideration the critical nature of Queensland weather and terrain.  Makes good sense to be able to move our business structures for whatever the reason.   This is our local Brisbane, Gold Coast and Toowooba introducton page.


Whether Covid fizzles or not, we will be pushing on and out for the New Year with some old and new structures for 2022.

Thanks for checking us out!   We wish you a prosperous year.

Container Shelters

Brisbane Container Domes and Shelters and Covers

Starting at 6 meters wide strong steel containers make excellent fireproof walls and offer a secure lock up.  Ideal for industries on the move.

Hull Arch Shelters

Brisbane Hull Roof Arch Shelters

Hull Roof Arch Shelters take heat to the apex and handle wind and rain better than most roof types.  Sizes up 40 meters [18 M wide is shown]

Hangar Arch Shelters

Brisbane Relocatable Hangars

Hangar Arch Shelters are popular as storage warehouses, shelters and hangars.  Can be a Ground dome or mounted on frames 6MH.  18MW img

Super Arch Shelters

Brisbane Super Shelters

Needing a bigger dome up to 40 meters wide? These fabulous European fabric structures can be aviation grade fireproof or standard retardent.

Industrial Tents

Brisbane Industrial Tents

Aluminium Tents are the biggest of the bunch, some of these hard working structures may not win glam awards but they have sizes up to 100mw.

Air Arch Shelters

Brisbane Inflatable Buildings

We will announce a variety of unique inflatable (air supported and air tube) structures in 2022. So excited!  Popular in Europe for decades the can be huge.