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Splash Arch Shelter offers a variety of portable and fixed,  tough weather protection solutions ideal for many uses in the Cairns, Atherton Tablelands, Cardwell  and all towns and cities between.  

Our range includes fixed and relocatable buildings known as Fabric Structures,  Industrial Tents, DIY Flat Pack Containers and EPS Panel Buildings.

2021 and Post Covid we have added new range of European designed Gigantor Structures ideal for Events, Sports and Hangars, including inflatables.

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Arch Shelters

Splash Fabric Arch Shelters (soft tops) are relocatable fabric structures (industrial strength tents) that are now supported by  a number of technologies including galvanized (or stainless) steel frames,  aluminum frames, wooden frames or inflatable frames with strong tensile PE or PVC (or Shade Cloth) membranes. 

Arch Shelters have a host of uses and are useful to East Coast    warehousing, agriculture, equestrian, events and entertainment, sports, aviation and earth moving industries as shade or fully enclosed buildings.  

Arch Shelters have multi purpose footings, so can be a ground shelter, or mounted upon on containers, posts or walls.  Fabric Structures are a great alernative to metal buildings, they are just as strong ... cool in summer, warmer in winter ...

Arch Shelters are available in many shapes and sizes, up to 100 meters  wide. Available for shipment to anywhere in New South Wales from Sydney or Brisbane. 

Arch Shelters (our brand of fabric structures) are commonly used as Warehouses, Packing and Shearing Sheds,  Holiday Camp Tents, Aircraft and Helicopter Hangars, Workers Shade Shelters, Livestock Shade and Shelters,  Emergency Back Up Structures, Arenas and Stables, Shade Shelters, plus many more uses

Sea Container Buildings .  Sea Containers are super strong and can be converted into many types of structures including swimming pools, dwellings, switch rooms, welders works shops, offices and shops/kiosks.  We offer the optional of a partially or fully converted sea containers

Flat Pack Buildings are based upon the design of the sea container, but are freighted as a flat pack for assembly on site. We have pop up, folding and expanding Container Shelters. The fundamental differences between a sea container and flat packs are:

  1. flat packs are already insulated & wired 
  2. flat packs are actually cheaper to purchase and freight new.

Join and stack them up to two (2) high to make a small or larger complex of e.g. site offices, training rooms, back packers, hospital or workers quarters. Add-ons available include, small, medium and larger windows, sliding glass doors, gable or slanted roof, stairs or covered patio - we can also give you a different cladding  ...   great space for a great price. 

Flat Pack EPS Panel Buildings are our quick build solutions for large and small, portable, temporary and permanent projects.  

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Affordable Temporary and Reloatable Housing for low budget needs.