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Canberra, Queanbeyan Region

Splash Arch Shelter offers a variety of Portable and Fixed Structures that can be temporary or permanent. Our range includes Fabric Structures designed in Australian or sourced from around the world. This is an introductory page for the Canberra, Queanbeyan and A.C.T. Districts.

Covid 19

Whether Covid buzzes off or not, we are pushing on and out for 2022 and will announce a range of spectacular new structures for the new year.  

We are available now for consulting to special projects.  Let's get cracking :-)

Container Shelters

Canberra Container Shelters

Available in 6 - 24 meters widths, highly portable, steel containers make excellent fireproof walls and provide a lock up for smaller items.

Hull Arch Shelters

Canberra Hull Roof Arch Shelters

Hull Roof Arch Shelters handle snow well in Winter yet channel heat to the apex in Summer.  Best wind handler of all roof types. [10 M wide shown]

Hangar Arch Shelters

Canberra Fabric Hangars and Shelters

Hangar shaped Arch Shelters are popular as storage or agriculture  shelters.  They have many uses from aircraft hangars to animal shelters .  

Super Arch Shelters

Canberra Super Tents and Arch Shelters

Many sporting concepts need 40 meters width. These fabulous European structures can be aviation grade and are tres chic!

Industrial Tents

Canberra Industrial Tents

There is an abundance of aluminium frame Industrial tents to choose from globally which offer the largest sizes for industry or events up 60 mwide.

Air Arch Shelters

Air Arches will be big in the new year. We will announce a variety of unique inflatable (air supported and air tube) structures in 2022. So get excited!

Canberra Fabric Structures & Industrial Tents

Fabric Arch Shelters  (soft tops) are engineered canopies that can be mounted upon the ground ( Ground Shelters ) or be supported by
sea containers ( Container Shelters ); (single beam or double truss) steel frames; polished wood or bamboo posts.   

Arch Shelters are portable fabric structures that are most commonly used for p ortable, temporary or semi permanent sheds, warehouses, shade shelters, workshops and aircraft hangars.   Our more aesthetic range are ideal for Resorts, Parks and Gardens,  Swimming Pools, Animal Enclosures and under cover Sports concepts, e.g. bowling and tennis.

Inflatable Air Arches are either (aerostat) air or air tube supported, used in Europe for several decades they can be kilometers in size.

Fabric Roofs are cool in Summer and warm in Winter, snow just slides away from the none freezing canopies.  Some of our designs are popular in Alaska and Canada for that reason.  Available for shipment to anywhere in Australia from Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne, we also offer cyclone, earthquake and snow rated models.

Industrial Tents include popular Aluminium or Steel Frame Pavilions mostly geared to events, entertainment and many agricultural and industrial applications.

>>> Steel frame Arch Shelters come in widths:  up to 40 Meters wide, 
>>> Aluminium Structures available: up to 60 meters wide.
>>> Steel pavilions, floating roof's  etc - unlimited

Visit our Official Website at:  Splash Structures to learn more.


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Fabric Structure Range

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