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Splash offers a variety of Light Structures that can be portable or fixed, and take into consideration the critical nature of WA weather and Terrain.

Our range includes Fabric and Hard Top Arch Shelters and Flat Pack Structures.

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Splash Arch Shelters

Arch Shelter is our own brand and a break free from the shelters that most other suppliers sell.  

Fabric Arch Shelters (soft tops) come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and are used as packing sheds, warehouses, sports and events pavillions, container canopies, shelters, sheds, warehouses, barns and aircraft hangars.  As engineered structures we can supply structures that will cope with up to 232 kph ... but recommend coastal users in this region to be prepared to remove canopy for Cyclone 4 and above.  We're working on increasing the speed of removing our canopies, and the frames will be fine.  Also consider the Double Truss, Curved A Frame Shelters, this shape and well tensioned membrane is the best performer in high winds.

Structures can be fully enclosed or a shade cover ... ask us about our double skin insulated roofs incorporating pvc or space-blanket.

Hard Top Arch Shelters have the same function as soft tops, but use hard materials such as full steel panels and/or newer synthetic materials which offer the same low convection benefits as a fabric cover. Hard Tops are for those who must have maximum security, weather and/or fire protection.

Available for shipment to anywhere in WA (Ex Darwin or Perth), we have cyclone rated models.   Structures are available in steel or aluminium.

Steel Frame Arch Shelters come in widths up to 30 Meters Wide.  Portable Aluminium structures are available up to 40 meters wide.  Larger sized structures are available by quote.

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Splash Flat Pack Containers

Portable Sheds, Cabins and Offices.  

Splash also offers a range of insulated and wired flat pack containers, that are designed to convert into sheds, dwellings and offices.  

They are a simple but very useful and affordable idea, and popular with Do It Yourself Builders.  

They come in kit form including all the add ons you have ordered such as internal partitions, large and small windows, sliding glass doors, shower/toilet room, gable roof, patios and cabins (cyclone rated available) and storage container structures.    Flat Pack Containers are used as granny flats, garden and site sheds, office complexes and remote workers quarters.  You can even use them to make your own Floating Pontoon Cabin. 

Flat Pack Containers are our lead up to our new range of EPS Panel structure projects for hard top arch shelters, housing and extreme buildings. You can read more about these at the Splash Structures website.

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Steel Folding Containers are another great storage idea, exactly the same sizes and steel strength of sea containers, but without the twist locks.  They go up and down in just an hour and can be moved using a fork lift and trailer.   They can also be mounted upon wheels.

Brilliant for industries on the move ... indoor or outdoors, we can also provide industrial wheels... and yes, they will withstand the same wind speeds as containers ... officially 232 kph (Cyclone 3-4).  

It is not widely known that sea containers have their strength in their frame, but the cladding has limits in high winds ... 260 kph.  Cyclone 5 regions we recommend a cyclone safe retaining wall to protect all containers, including Sea Containers. 

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Portable buildings are becoming more popular as fixed structures ... with the start stop economies that most businesses now experience, many appreciate the option of being able to move their structures at any time the future.

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