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Portable Structures & Buildings

Sheds, Shelters and Hangars. 

Splash offers a variety of tough weather protection solutions ideal for many uses in Far North Queensland, Papua New Guinea and surrounding Pacific Islands

This is a promotional page for the Cooktown, Bamaga and Cape York districts.

Splash Arch Shelters

Fabric and Steel Arch Shelters (Soft Tops) are a popular solution for mining, aviation, shipping, marine, rural and general industry. Fabric and Galvanized Steel Arch Shelters, are a cooler option to most tin, steel or aluminium roofs, making them  delightful to work and play beneath.  Fabric Arch Shelters are available for permanent use up to Cyclone 4 wind speeds (232-kph).  Unfortunately as both Yasi and Debbie exceeded local wind speed certifications by almost 40 kph, users must be prepared to remove canopies if a big blow is coming ... or take a look at our new Hard Top range, we are introducing a range of solid, portable and fixed structures that incorporate quake and cyclone rods ... 

Hard Top Arch Shelters are for the circumstances where security, fire hazard and weather extremes are an issue.  Hard tops are also dome, hull or gable shaped structures with either full steel, EPS panel or newer synthetic roofing materials. 

Industrial Tents ... we have a small selection of steel and aluminium frame with PVC event and party tents, read more about these and other products we will introduce this year ...

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Splash Flat Pack Containers

If you have been conceding converting a sea container into a home or office ...  consider our Flat Packs first. The Perfect Do It Yourself Building from as little as AU$5,200.

Contains no Asbestos or other toxic materials (as have been found in other versions of these structures, bought through International Websites!)

Splash Flat Pack Containers are modular boxes based upon the design of a sea container, but ship as a flat pack kit then assemble together on arrival, in just a few hours.  What's more, they are already insulated and wired for immediate use!

They are modularized with many interesting add-on's like glass panels, partitions, PA and sliding doors, small to large windows, roller doors and sliding glass tinted doors.  You can paint, coat or vinyl clad the flat white steel panels to your own taste, or opt for a factory change in colour and/or cladding style.  A very quick and cost effective way to develop a happy shack or add space to an existing home or office.  

Flat pack means they go up .. and down when you need.  Or you can shift with a forklift and/or container truck.

These flat packs are used around the world for holiday camping villages, military and mining quarters, sheds, hostels, refugee shelters, hospital accommodation, studios, granny flats, shops, booths, signal boxes, workshops and offices.  They can also be mounted upon pontoons as a floating shed or dwelling.  Available in cyclone B, C and D ratings.  

Not fussed with DIY?  Let us put you in touch with a local installer.

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Many appreciate the option of being able to move their structures at any time in the future.


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