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Splash Portable Structures include a range of Industrial Fabric Structures, Flat Pack Structures and EPS Panel Buildings.  

Our structures are ideal for the coastal to arid localities of Northern Territory, including cyclone regions.

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Splash Arch Shelters 

Fabric Arch Shelters have galvanized steel frames with strong, tensioned PVC, PE or Shade Cloth fabric covers. Fabric Arch Shelters are used by many industries as work site shelters, aircraft hangars, rural yard shade, stadiums, sheds and warehouses.  

As engineered structures, Arch Shelters are stronger and cheaper than aluminium tents, so the best choice for industrial and strong weather use,  available in wind speeds up to 232 kph (Cyclone 4 Australian Region C).

Save time Arch Shelter Container Covers with our click in twist lock rail.  

Hard Top Arch Shelters have the same function as our soft tops but have been created for the situations that require maximum security, fire hazard and weather extreme protection.  Hard Top materials include full steel panels and some the newer non conductive synthetic materials.

Arch Shelters have a host of uses and are used actively in the aviation, marine, rural, livestock, construction and mining industries as aircraft and helicopter hangars, packing sheds, warehouses, worksite shade and workshops.   Steel Frame Sizes come in widths:  3 to 30 Meters Wide

Industrial Tents 

We also offer a limited range of aluminum or steel frame industrial strength tents geared mainly to events and entertainment, with some fixed structure industrial applications suited to fair weather zones (maximum wind speeds 120 kph). 

Our range includes Aluminum PVC Marquee Tents and Steel Pole (Circus) Tents up to 50 meters wide.

Read More: Splash Arch Shelters Website

Flat Pack Containers and EPS Panel Structures

If you or your organisation has been considering modifying a container into a shack, home or office  ... ... consider our flat pack container shelters first!   We have Cyclone Rated flat packs too.  

The Do It Yourself Crowd Love them!

Splash Flat Pack Containers are insulated modular boxes based upon the technology of the sea container, but arrive as a kit and can be put together in just a few hours.  Splash Flat Packs include many add on options such as glass wall panels,  internal partitions, larger windows and sliding glass doors.  You can paint or vinyl clad the basic steel panels to suit your own taste or order a complete change of steel cladding style (Australiana Corrugated or Sea Container Ribbed ... in most popular colours).  

Splash Flat Pack Containers can be stacked to two (2) high, any width or length, to create a larger home, office,  hostel, workers quarters, office complex or other need. Ensuites, Kitchens and staircases are also available.

Available in regular B Region as standard, can be modified to cyclone C and D standards. 

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