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Splash is in the business of design and marketing of Portable and Light Structures.

Our Portfolio includes Arch Shelters, Industrial Tents, Flat Pack Containers,  and EPS Panel Buildings which are available for shipment to anywhere in Australia from Sydney or Brisbane.  

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Splash Arch Shelters & Industrial Tents

Splash Fabric Arch Shelters are a range of fixed or fully relocatable shelters that are manufactured from strong steel frames and industrial tent fabrics (PVC, PE or Shade Cloth).  Arch Shelters differ to an Industrial Tent in that they are engineered to the same standards of regular buildings, which are required to measure up to IBC standards, and here Australian and New Zealand building codes.  The strong galvanized steel frames and tensioned fabric covers produce and industrial strength canopy that is in effect as strong as any other structure, but fabric is delightful to play and work beneath ... even our animals love it.  We use good quality fabrics which can be from Australia, Europe and Korea.

Fabric Arch Shelters are ideal pavilions, shade structures, storage warehouses, workshops and hangars.  They can be used as a cool open shade structure or fully enclosed building that can be optionally insulated using a second skin of the same fabrics or space blanket, with the option to use powered air-conditioning to cool further.  

Hard Top Arch Shelters have all the same functions as our fabric range but we use solid materials to cover and will give you the choice of full metal or synthetic panels, which will be determined by how extreme your fire hazard, security and weather needs may be.

We sell arch shelters to many industries including Mining, Entertainment, Sports, Boating and Marine, Aviation and any industry that that requires additional space. 

Steel Frame Arch Shelters Sizes up to 30 Meters wide, any length

Industrial Tents are our range of Aluminum and Steel Party and Events tents geared to sports and events, with some industrial applications for Rural, Mining and Equestrian.  Use Industrial Tents for events, markets, exhibit tents, pavilions warehouses and everything else we didn't think of.

Industrial Tents  Sizes up to 50 Meters wide.

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Splash Flat Pack Containers 

Flat Pack Containers ...  The Do It Yourself Gem!  

Flat Packs are designed in every way after the mighty shipping container,  with the exception of being already wired and insulated, and arriving dismantled in a flat pack with the all the add-ons ordered.  

Flat Packs can be used as single unit, or joined and stacked together to form a portable complex.    

Flat packs are popular for industry or private use, and most commonly used as insulated storage sheds, cabins and shacks, offices and workshops.

We offer an array of interesting add-ons, including kitchens, ensuites, small to large windows, glass panels and sliding doors, gable or slant roofs, patios, stairs, cable roofs and alternative cladding.  The good thing about this range is they dismantle if you need ...  and can be moved around by fork lift, crane and flat bed truck.

Fully Fire Hazard, Cyclone and Earthquake safe.

Flat Pack Containers are our lead up to our EPS Panel Structures, which are our range of fixed and portable structures encompassing cabins, offices, hangars, pavilions to large warehouse and plant structures.

Steel Folding Containers are also steel boxes in the same sizes as shipping containers but without twist locks and no insulation.  They are a brilliant idea for quick, temporary or moveable storage.  They go up and dismantle in under an hour, alternatively move them with a fork and trailer.

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Visit our official Website:   http://www.splashstructures.com 

Portable buildings are becoming more popular as fixed structures ... with the start stop economies many appreciate the option of being able to move their structures at any time the future.

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