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Splash is in the business of the marketing, supply and construction of  Fabric Structures and Flat Pack Buildings.

Available for shipment to anywhere in W.A. from Perth or Darwin, (in some cases Port Hedland Ports) many of our structures are available in DIY kit form. 

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Splash Arch Shelters

Fabric Arch Shelters are fabric structures but not tents!  Arch Shelters are engineered buildings that are engineered to satisfy Australian and New Zealand Building Codes, in particular Cyclone and Earthquake. 

Fabric Structures are pleasant to work and play beneath, being cooler and airier than traditional buildings. They also make very comfortable animal housing that is easy to maintain.  

Our standard models will withstand wind gusts of up to 120 kph (Cyclone 1 Region A). We can also upgrade the cyclone strength to Regions B and C, to with stand winds up to 233 kph (cyclone 4).  

But! We are getting real about the intensifying of cyclonic weather in the Pacific, and how cyclones have begun to exceed local certifications.  We will likely recommend our Hard Top Arch Shelters below, and watch out for the release of our quick dismantle "Roll Off Fabric Structures" that will be released this year. 

Hard Top Arch Shelters have the same function as our soft tops, but are manufactured from all steel or hard synthetic panels. These are recommended for situations that require maximum security, fire hazard and weather extreme protection.

Standard Sizes come in widths:  6 meters up to 40 meters custom build.

Arch Shelters have been popular in this region for almost 30 years. They are most commonly used for portable, temporary or semi permanent sheds, warehouses, workshops and aircraft hangars.  

Industrial Tents ... We do have a limited range of Industrial Tents geared mainly to Events and Entertainment with some industrial/agricultural applications for inland locations.

Splash Flat Pack Structures 

  • Flat Pack Containers (insulated)
  • Steel Folding Containers
  • EPS Panel Buildings

Flat Pack Containers If you have been considering converting a container into a shack, home or office ... consider our flat pack containers first!   

It's amazing what you can do with a modular box, that joins together with interesting add-on's like glass panels, partitions, windows and sliding glass doors.  You can choose from a colorful trim with perhaps a gable roof and patio,   to a change in colour and/or cladding style.  Or make a complex by stacking up to 3 high any width or length for a hostel, camp or workers quarters, office or other temporary need.  Kitchenettes, Bathrooms and Staircases are also available.

Oh ... and they are already insulated ... a container isn't!  So we've saved you some money already.

Steel Folding Containers are another brilliant portable storage concept, the same sizes, materials and strength of sea containers but without the twist locks.  Unlike sheds however, they go up and down in just an hour and can be moved on site using a fork lift ... we can mount them on industrial wheels for a fee.

EPS Panel Structures incorporate a relatively new steel sandwich panel that will be the focus for our fixed and portable hard top structure projects.

No toxic or dangerous material

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"Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal." - Henry Ford (1863-1947)

"Everyone is a genius at least once a year; a real genius has his original ideas closer together." - Georg Lichtenberg (1742-1799)

"Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it" - Henry David Thoreau (1817-1862)

"While we are postponing, life speeds by." - Seneca (3BC - 65AD)

Portable Structures

  • Flat Pack Containers
  • Insulated Containers
  • Flat Pack Cabins
  • Offices and Site Shelters
  • Container Covers
  • PVC Shelters
  • Tunnel Canopies
  • Industrial Tents
  • Helicopter Hangars
  • Aircraft Hangars

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