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Sheds, Shelters and Hangars. 

This is a promotional page for the Hobart, Launceston and Burnie.

Splash is in the business of Light Structures.  We design and market Shelters, Dwellings and Hangars for private  and industry use including Rural, Aviation, Entertainment, Mining, Entertainment and general industry.

Arch Shelter Portable Structures

Splash Fabric Arch Shelters are exceptionaly strong industrial fabric structures, used by many industries, including aviation, military, rural, construction, mining, sports, events plus any other organisation that requires temporary or semi-permanent space.  

Fabric Structures make excellent farm sheds, warehouses and packing sheds, animal houses, equipment and vehicle protection, arenas, loading docks, stock yard shade and aircraft hangars.   

Splash Hard Top Arch Shelters are similar to the soft tops but have been developed for maximum security, fire hazard and severe weather protection.  You will be offered the choice of full steel or newer synthetic materials.

Steel Frame Shelters Sizes range from 5 to 30 meters wide and aluminum industrial tents up to 50 meters wide as a custom build.  Fabric Covers are PVC, PE or Shade Cloth covers.

Aluminum Industrial Tents and Pole Event Tents are a range of traditional Aluminium and Steel frame tents and marquees that are perfect for Events, Parties and some Industrial Applications.  You can read more about these items at our official Splash Structures Website.

Visit:   Splash Arch Shelter Official Website

Flat Pack Containers

The Do It Yourself Mini House or Office Makers dream!  From AU$4,200. 

In 2016 we quietly extended our range to include Flat Pack Containers... These neat modular boxes are based upon the design of the shipping container, but are really designed to be cabins, sheds or offices and arrive disassembled.

They are already insulated and wired, and offer a heap of optional extras like:  small to large Windows, Sliding Glass Doors, Alternative Steel Claddings, Gable Roofs, Stairs and Patios.  Inside we offer kitchenettes, bathrooms and partitions.  Fabulous as a studio, office or flat ... or they can be stacked to 2 high, to create a bigger house or complex for a hostel, office or workers quarters.

Flat Packs go up .. and down, as you need.   You can also shift with a forklift, crane and flat bed.

Flat Packs already get used for villages, mining quarters, sheds, hostels, refuge shelters, hospital accommodation, studios, granny flats, shops, booths, signal boxes, workshops and offices.  Available in regular B Region as standard, can be modified to cyclone C and D standards.  

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We've been selling Australian made portable structures since 2001, we are completely independent and  currently manufacture our brands overseas.  We don't have any middlemen or resellers to mark up for, nor expensive warehouses to support, so we pass on the savings to our customers.  The only cost is additional time .. as we must allow a few more weeks for shipping ... 

Our designs emulate some great designs popular in USA, Europe and Canada, but  have been modified to suit Australian standards ... 


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