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Splash is in the business of the marketing, supply and construction of  Fabric Structures and Flat Pack Buildings.

Available for shipment to anywhere in W.A. from Perth or Darwin, (in some cases Port Hedland Ports) many of our structures are available in DIY kit form. 

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Visit our Official Website at:   www.splashstructures.com 

Splash Arch Shelters

Fabric Arch Shelters combine tensioned membranes, aerodynamics and industrial tent design, to produce a remarkably strong fabric structure which is engineered to satisfy Australian and New Zealand Building Codes. 

Our standard models will withstand wind gusts of up to 120 kph (Cyclone 1 Region A). We can also upgrade the cyclone strength to Regions B and C, to with stand winds up to 233 kph (cyclone 4).  

But! We are getting real about the increase of cyclonic weather in the Pacific, and the indeterminable winds of a Cyclone 5.  We will likely recommend our Hard Top Arch Shelters below, and watch out for the release of our quick dismantle "Roll Off Fabric Structures" that will be released this year. 

Hard Top Arch Shelters have the same function as our soft tops, but are manufactured from all steel or hard synthetic materials. These are recommended for situations that require maximum security, fire hazard and weather extreme protection.

Standard Sizes come in widths:  6 meters up to 30 meters custom build.

Arch Shelters have been popular in Western Australia for almost 30 years. They are most commonly used for portable, temporary or semi permanent sheds, warehouses, workshops and aircraft hangars.  

Industrial Tents  - We also offer a small range of Industrial Strength Tents geared mainly to temporary use for events and entertainment, and some longer term applications for inland regions.

Splash Flat Pack Structures 

Flat Pack Containers (insulated and wired) are DIY modular boxes, similar to sea containers, but arrive as a kit, that joins together with a heap of optional add ons like glass  walls,  small medium and larger windows and sliding glass doors.  

You can paint the standard white steel walls yourself or request us to paint to your colour scheme and/or change your steel cladding style to rimmed or corrugated.  A very quick and cost effective way to develop a holiday shack or add space to an existing home, office or pontoon. They are already insulated and wired for immediate use. Portable and Transportable, you can move flat packs around your site with a fork, a crane and/or flat bed truck.  They can also be joined and stack together into quick complexes.

Flat Pack Containers are our lead up to our EPS Panel Structures, which are a range of fixed and portable structures encompassing cabins, offices, hangars to large warehouse and plant structures.

Available in regular B Region as standard, can be modified to cyclone C and D standards.  

Karratha | Port Hedland | Dampier

Steel Folding Containers are full steel boxes in the same sizes as shipping containers but without twist locks.  They are a brilliant idea for any industry needing quick, temporary or moveable storage.  They go up and dismantle in under an hour, alternativly move them with a fork and/or truck.

View the Splash Structures website to learn more about our range of flat pack structures and the benefits of EPS Cement Sandwich Panels.

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