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Introducing Splash Arch Shelter.  

We are an Australian company that offers light and portable structures including Fabric Shelters, EPS Panel Buildings and Flat Pack Containers ... all ideal for the rapidly developing Asia Pacific. This is a promotional page for

Malaysia, Thailand and Myanmar.

Splash Portable Arch Shelters.

Splash Fabric Arch Shelters are galvanized steel frames with strong PE or PVC (or Shade Cloth) fabric membranes. Arch Shelters are not tents, but engineered structures that have weather ratings like regular structures.

Arch Shelters have a host of uses and are utilized by many industries including the aviation, marine, rural, livestock, construction and earth moving industries as hangars, sheds, warehouses or workshops.

All canopies are multi purpose and can be mounted on containers, posts or walls, the ground ...  or a combination of such (we supply the relevant footings). Fabric Structures are surprising cool and great weather protection in wet seasons... 

Hard Top Arch Shelters have the same function as our soft tops, but are manufactured from all steel or hard synthetic materials.

Sizes come in widths:  6 to 30 Meters  Larger sizes are available as custom build.

Read More at our official website:   Splash Structures Website

Malaysia | Thailand | Myanmar

Flat Pack Container Shelters  

It has become quite fashionable around the world to use sea containers to create cabins, offices or flats because they are quick, strong and can handle earthquakes and cyclones. If that's your interest, check out our Flat Pack Containers before you do.   They are literally a flat pack container, which comes ready insulated and excellent value for money for a fully modular box.  Buy a basic unit for an office, studio or insulated storage shed, or stack them to 2 high  (any number long or wide) to produce a mini complex for work or living  e.g. hostel, camp or village. 

Include some add ons, such as larger windows, slide glass doors, gable roof, stairs or a covered patio - and if you want to get really fancy, we can give you  a different cladding ... so it looks like a traditional container or even a cedar cabin. 

We guarantee our shelters have no dangerous or toxic materials, including Asbestos.

Why Splash? We deal directly with factories in China, and have developed a range that is beneficial to tropical nature of Pacific including the Cyclone/Hurricane regions.   We have assisted the Chinese to produce safer and better looking structures that will retain their visual appeal for decades to come.


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