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Splash Portable Shelters, Sheds and Hangars ideal for Mining, Aviation, Rural, Station and other private or industrial use. 

A great selection of structures ideal for the coastal to arid regions of Western Australia. 

This is a promotional page for the Marble Bar, Newman and Wittenoom Districts

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Splash Fabric Arch Shelters 

Arch Shelter Fabric Structures have a galvanized steel frame and strong PVC or PE fabric cover. Shelters have a host of uses to the rural, station, mining, marine and aviation industries.   We have some sensational new design site shelters, aircraft hangars and shed warehouses, please visit our main site to view them all.   If there is something you need in particular let us know, we do have a custom build option.

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Flat Pack Buildings

Splash Flat Pack Containers are insulated (and wired) EPS panel modular boxes that arrive as a kit to be assembled on site in just a few hours.  Flat Pack Containers are mostly used as cabins, offices, studios or sheds and have many optional extras, such as glass wall panels, small, medium and large windows, internal partitions with doors and sliding glass doors.  

You can order the basic white flat steel unit and paint to your colour scheme. Posh up with perhaps a slant or gable roof and patio,  or a complete change of cladding style to container style ribbed or Australiana corrugated, in your choice of colour.  Flat Pack Containers can be joined and stacked to two (2) high, to create a larger structure or complex. Bathrooms, Kitchenettes and even staircases are also available.

EPS Panel Buildings are small to large range of portable and fixed buildings that utilise fast build Energy Light Board Panels for houses, offices, hangars, sheds and warehouses.

Available in regular B Region as standard, can be modified to cyclone C and D standards. 

Steel Folding Containers are another very useful addition to our range, same shape and size as containers but without twist locks, they go up and down in an hour, and are very strong.

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