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Splash offers a variety of tough weather protection solutions ideal for many uses in Melbourne, Geelong and Frankston, and all towns and cities between.  Our range includes Fabric Structures, DIY Flat Pack Containers and Cabins plus fixed and portable EPS Panel Buildings.

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Splash Portable Arch Shelters

Fabric Arch Shelters (soft tops) are cyclone rated industrial strength tents and shade structures, that are influenced by Australian and American Engineering and certified to Australian & New Zealand Building Codes. 

They are used by many industries in Victoria, particularly the rural, equestrian, mining, earth moving, rail, aviation, sports and construction industries for almost three (3) decades. 

Fabrics available include Australian (Canvacon and Landmark), Korean or European (Teepee, Ferrari)  PVC or PE (or shade cloth) with imported Steel or Aluminum frames.

Fabric Arch Shelters are a perfect solution for Victoria.  Fabric roofs are cooler and airier in Summer and warmer in Winter, than most other options, which makes them delightful to work and play beneath.   Arch Shelters can also be fully enclosed with end walls and doors (PA Rollers Hydraulic etc.), and be optionally insulated with a second skin using PVC, PE or quilted space blanket, which also means they can be air-conditioned like a regular building.  

No wire or rope is used in tensioning, we only use rods, ratchets and steel bracing.

Splash Hard Top Shelters have the same uses as our soft top range, but are for those who prefer (or must have) maximum fire hazard protection, lock up security or extreme weather protection. You will be offered the choice of Full Steel, EPS Panel or Synthetic materials for your hard top, depending on model.

Splash Arch Shelters can be used for many purposes - at the moment we use them for aircraft and helicopter hangars, warehouses and storage sheds, work site shelters for equipment and  amenities, animal housing, green houses, equestrian arenas, events pavilions ...

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Industrial Tents

We also offer a range of aluminum or steel frame industrial strength tents geared mainly to the events and entertainment industry with some industrial applications suited to locations more than 100km inland. Our range includes Aluminum PVC Marquee Shelters up to 50 meters wide and Steel Pole (Circus) Tents to spec.  

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Splash Flat Pack Structures

Flat Pack Containers are a modular box, designed upon the principals of the shipping container (frame and twist locks), that arrives disassembled as a kit to be assembled on site.  They are already insulated and wired for power . A standard unit includes 2 windows and one PA Door.

Flat Pack Containers can join/stack together into  larger structures, and have heap of optional extras to order with your containers,  e.g. glass walls, small medium and larger windows and sliding glass doors.  

You can completely change the look of your container into a  gorgeous looking villa or office, with perhaps a gable or slant roof with covered patio.  Change the wall colour (you can paint yourself if you like) and/or cladding style from standard flat to corrugated or ribbed. A quick and cost effective way to develop a holiday shack, granny flat, pontoon cabin or add space to an existing home, office.

Steel Folding Containers are another excellent flat pack idea for quick build and portable storage. They are the same as steel shipping containers i.e. materials, sizes, with the exception that they have no Twist Locks (so you cannot stack them). Steel Folding Containers install and dismantle in under an hour.  You can move them with a fork lift or trailer, or you can order industrial wheels.

Flat Pack EPS Panel Buildings are our quick build solution for large and small, portable, temporary and permanent projects. 

We have moved into Hard Top Structures which can be modified to suit Cyclone/Hurricane and Earthquake regions, using cyclone and quake rods, which seem to have disappeared from structure developments in Queensland.  We are getting real about what is happening with the increasing hazardous weather, e.g. both Debbie and Yasi had wind speeds that exceeded the local Building Standards by up to 30 kph, which is why the devastation was as horrific as it was ... (some of the Chinese Cheapies have likely blown back to China by now... joke!)

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Splash began marketing Shelters in Australia in 2003, now with a global distribution from Qingdao China, and have our own brands and designs which specialise in Cyclone/Hurricane structures.  We manufacture to order, directly to our Asia factories, reducing our overheads and , instead we pass these savings on to our customers.  

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Portable buildings are now popular as fixed structures ... with the start stop economies that most businesses now experience, many appreciate the option of being able to move their structures at any time in the future.


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