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Sheds, Shelters and Hangars. 

Splash offers a variety of portable and fixed  weather protection solutions ideal for many uses in Far North Queensland, Papua New Guinea and surrounding Pacific Islands  including Cyclone & Earthquake Certified.  

Our range can be defined as Fabric Structures, Flat Pack Containers, Industrial Tents and EPS Panel Buildings.

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Portable Arch Shelters & Industrial Tents

(Soft Tops) have been a popular portable solution in Queensland for mining, aviation, rural, earth moving, construction and general industries since we began in Cairns 2003.  

Fabric Structures are by far a cooler, airier option to metal roofs for a working or event space in FNQ.  The difference between a "tent" and "arch shelter" is the engineering. The strong steel frames and tensioned membranes of fabric Arch Shelters are designed after regular buildings, and make them the only industrial fabric structure suited for safe all year round use in Cyclone Regions.  

It is possible to have a fabulous C Region Rated Fabric Arch Shelter, we have been selling them for years - however, as both Yasi and Debbie wind speeds exceeded the local building codes wind speed rating of C i.e. 232 kph, (Yasi 290kph and Debbie 260 kph) many certified structures would have failed. As these weather events are increasing, we will release a series of hard top and roll off canopies to support this need.

A lot of Chinese Cheapies flooded the Queensland and PNG market recently, and we suspect that after Debbie they have likely blown back to China!  

Hard Top Arch Shelters are similar to the fabric shelter range with the exception that they are covered with solid materials for those who prefer, maximum lockup security, weather extreme tolerance and fire hazard protection.

Industrial Tents are our range of Aluminum and Steel Party and Events tents which will brighten any temporary wedding, sports meeting or celebration. Some industrial applications ok for sites 200k inland or 120kph maximum wind speeds!

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Flat Pack Structures

Splash Flat Pack Containers are the best thing since sliced bread for the home and office Do It Yourself crowd. 

Flat Packs are modular, ready insulated and powered collapsible containers, that arrive as a kit, and assemble together with a choice of add-on's i.e. internal partitions, small and large windows, kitchenettes and bathrooms and glass panels and doors.  

You can go the basic flat white steel clad box and paint in your own colours (or your own vinyl cladding) when it/they arrive, or we can do that for a fee. A basic Unit has 1-2 medium sized windows and a PA door.  You can fancy it/them up with perhaps a sloped or gable roof, a patio, and/or a complete change of steel cladding style (steel container ribbed or Australiana corrugated).  

Use a single unit for an office, shack, villa or studio, or make a complex by stacking to 2 high any width or length for a hostel, camp or workers quarters, office or other temporary need.   Staircases are also available.  Dismantle, or use a fork, crane and/or trailer to move.  Available in regular B Region as standard, can be modified to cyclone C and D standards. 

Steel Folding Containers are all steel boxes in the same sizes and strengths as shipping containers, but without twist locks.  They are a brilliant idea for any industry needing quick, temporary or moveable lock up storage.  They go up and dismantle in under an hour, alternative move them with a fork and truck.   Inside or outside.

Not fussed with DIY?  Let us put you in touch with a local installer.

Splash began marketing Shelters in Cairns in 2003, so we really understand the cyclonic tropics. We now have our own brands and designs popular in Canada, USA and Europe which have been modified to our own special needs in Australia, including cyclone.  We don't have any middlemen or an army of resellers to increase our prices, we deliver direct from factories, so these savings are passed on to our clients.   

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