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Splash is in the business of Light Structures.  Our portfolio includes Fabric Structures, Flat Pack Containers and EPS Panel Buildings for Homes, Offices, Sheds and Hangars. All perfect for the South Australian Mining, Aviation, Construction, and  Marine industries, plus any other private or industrial use. 

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Splash Portable Arch Shelters

Fabric Arch Shelters are highly useful  fabric structures (engineered) that have galvanized steel frames with strong PVC or PE (including shade cloth) fabric covers. 

You can choose from Dome, A-Frame or Curved shapes. Arch Shelters have a host of uses to the rural, station, mining, marine, entertainment,  aviation and general industries.   They are commonly used as work site shelters and shade, helicopter and aircraft hangars, open or enclosed sheds and warehouses, entertainment and sports pavilions, animal and equestrian structures.  If there is something you need in particular let us know, we do have a custom build option.

Hard Top Arch Shelters have the same use as the fabric, but are geared to those who must have maximum Fire Protection and/or onsite security.  Hard Tops are made from full steel or newer synthetic panels that can be rigid or flexible. 

Industrial Tents We also offer a selection of Aluminium PVC and Steel Pole Tents, geared mainly to events and entertainment and some industrial applications.

Arch Shelters are available in steel frames up to 30 meters wide and aluminium frames to 60 meters wide.  

Splash Flat Pack Containers & EPS Panel Buildings

It seems everybody is considering converting a container into a shack, home or office  ... if this is you or your company ... consider our flat pack containers first!   

Splash Flat Pack Containers are really neat insulated modular boxes that use the technology of a shipping container, but arrive as a flat pack and can be assembled or taken down in just a few hours.  

Splash Flat Packs are a basic flat white steel cladded "canvass", ready for you to unleash your creativity to paint, coat or vinyl clad to your own taste. Many optional add ons are available to posh up your structure, for example glass wall panels, larger windows and sliding glass doors.  You can add a gable (or slant) roof and patio,  or opt for a complete change of factory cladding to (container) ribbed or (Australiana) corrugated in most popular colours.  

Flat Pack Container Shelters can be joined and stacked to two (2) high, any width or length, to create a  larger shack or studio, or go hostel, workers quarters, office complex or other larger storage need. Bathrooms, Kitchenettes and even Staircases are also available.

Flat Pack Container Shelters are presently used for sheds, storage lockups, kiosks shops, cabins and backyard dwellings.  They can also be joined and stacked to develop hostels, remote workers quarters,  refuge shelters, extra hospital accommodation, workshops and offices. They are excellent for bumping in an  out event structures. Available in regular B Region as standard (139kph) can be modified to cyclone C and D standards. 

Steel Folding Containers ... another brilliant storage idea that is a great alternative to shipping containers or a back yard shed ... they go up and down in under an hour.  Shift around your site using a forklift, mount them on wheels  They are not insulated and do not have twist locks.

Visit:   Splash Structures Official Website

Not fussed with DIY?  Ask us to put you in touch with a local installer.

Splash has been marketing locally manufactured Portable Structures in Australia since 2001. We now manufacture our brands offshore, and have extended our range to include some exciting North American and European styles, which have been modified to Australian needs.   

We don't have any middlemen or resellers to cater for, and we only manufacture to order from our factories ... so this means SUBSTANTIAL savings to our customers without losing quality.  There is just little more time for shipping (ex Adelaide Ports)...  

 Mount Gambier | Bordertown | Kingston

Portable buildings are becoming more popular as fixed structures ... with the start stop economies that most businesses now experience, many appreciate the option of being able to move their structures at any time in the future.


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