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Hunter Central Coast

Splash offers a variety of relocatable structure solutions ideal for Newcastle and NSW Central Coast.

This is our updated local introduction to the Newcastle, Taree and Gosford localities..

2022 Covid 19 ... and beyond

We all hope Covid will fizzle in the new year, but regardless of whether it does or not Splash will push on with a range of existing and some new structures for the new year.

Wishing you a safe, prosperous year!

Container Shelters

Newcastle Container Shelters

Container Shelters use Containers for supports and ballast. Quick to install and fireproof walls with lock up. < 24m wide

Hull Arch Shelters

Hull Roof Arch Shelters

Hull Roof Arch Shelters handle weather better than most roof shapes and channels hot air to apex. [24 MW shown]

Hangar Arch Shelters

Newcastle Relocatable Hangars

Hangar Arch Shelters can have frame supports 1-6 mh or be a Dome on the ground. Ideal workshops and hangars.  

Super Arch Shelters

Hunter Valley Super Fabric Structures

Quality domes up to 40 meters wide? These Euro tensile structures can have aviation grade covers and look brilliant!

Industrial Tents

Newcastle Industrial Tents

Aluminum or Steel Industrial Pavilions offer the largest sizes up to 100mw, hard walls and regular to exotic roof styles.

Air Arch Shelters

Inflatable Fabric Structures

2022 we will focus on the convenience of unique inflatable (air supported and air tube) structures. Popular across Europe!