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Sheds, Shelters and Hangars. 

Splash offers a variety of tough weather protection solutions ideal for many uses in the Asia Pacific from Australia to Indonesia and surrounding Pacific Islands

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Portable Arch Shelters

Fabric and Steel Frame (Soft Top) Arch Shelters are used mostly in the world by the mining, aviation, agricultural, marine and events industry.  

Fabric Arch Shelters are a cooler option to any tin, steel or aluminium roof structure and just delightful to work or play beneath.  Arch Shelters are not tents, they are engineered buildings. The tensioned membrane makes Arch Shelters resist even the highest of winds, producing a quiet, peaceful interior ... unlike the noisy flapping of a regular marquee tent.

A huge variety of shapes and sizes, up to 30 meters wide, purchasers mostly use Arch Shelters as shady work site shelters, portable helicopter and aircraft hangars, sports stadiums, school yard covers,  event marquees, animal enclosures, swimming pools, aquaculture shade and much more.   

Arch Shelter Hard Tops are for situations that must have best security and/or extreme fire hazard protection, and come in a range of materials including full steel and solid synthetic panels.

Aluminium and Steel Frame Frame Tents are used primarily by the events and entertainment industry, with some industrial applications suited to fair weather conditions. You can read more about these at our main website.

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Flat Pack Containers and EPS Panel Buildings

Flat Pack Containers are based upon the  design of a sea container, but arrive as a flat pack equipped with everything you need to assemble into a shed, cabin or office for immediate use. They are already insulated and wired for electricity.  

It's amazing what you can do with these modular boxes, that join and stack together with interesting add-on's like glass panels, walls, windows and doors.  

You can choose the standard flat steel panel to paint or vinyl clad to your own taste, or order a different factory steel cladding ... most popular are the Australiana Corrugated or Sea Container Cladding in most popular colours.   Then posh up your structure with perhaps a gable roof and patio under a flat or extended roof, length or width ways.  

A very quick and cost effective way to develop a holiday shack, floating cabin or add space to an existing home or office.  

They go up and down, when required. Single units can also be moved using a fork lift, crane and flat bed container haul.

We recommend them for camping grounds, mining quarters, sheds, hostels, refuge shelters, hospital and schools, studios, granny flats, shops, booths and kiosks, signal boxes, workshops and offices.  Suitable for Earthquake and Cyclone/Hurricane Regions.

Don't want to assemble yourself? Let us put you on to a local installer.

Sumatra   Java   Kalimantan   Sulawesi  Maluku   Papua  Bali  Tenggara

No dangerous or toxic materials are used in our structures, including Asbestos.


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