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NQ Sheds, Shelters and Hangars. 

Splash offers a variety of tough weather protection solutions ideal for many uses in North Queensland, Papua New Guinea and surrounding Pacific Islands

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Portable Arch Shelters

Fabric and Steel Arch Shelters are a popular shade shelter solution for mining, aviation, rural, marine, sports, logistics, events and general industry where a concrete slab can heat up to 65 degrees on any normal day. 

Fabric Structures, are by far a cooler, airier option to tin, steel or aluminium shelter for a working or play space.  Steel Frames are available between 3-30 meters wide, any length.  

Arch Shelter Designs are primarily USA, Canadian and Australian, certified to  Australian and New Zealand Building Codes. We only sell cyclone certified archshelters in Queensland Cyclone Regions.  We manufacture to order, bringing in directly from our Qingdao factory. 

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Industrial Tents We also offer a range of aluminum or steel frame industrial strength tents geared mainly to temporary events and entertainment, with some all year industrial applications suited to locations more than 150 km inland (or maximum winds 120kph). Our range includes Aluminum PVC Marquee Tents and Steel Pole (Circus) Tents up to 50 meters wide.  

Splash Hard Top Shelters have the same uses as our soft top range, but are for those who prefer (or must have) maximum fire hazard protection, lock up security or extreme weather protection. You will be offered the choice of Full Steel, EPS Panel or Synthetic materials for your hard top, depending on model.

Splash Arch Shelters can be used for many purposes - at the moment we use them for aircraft and helicopter hangars, warehouses and storage sheds, work site shelters for equipment and  amenities, animal housing, green houses, equestrian arenas, events pavilions ...

Container covers have our twistlock base rail that requires no welding.

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Flat Pack Containers

If you have been considering converting a container into a shack, shed or office ... consider this budget idea first!   For Cyclone Regions too.

Flat Pack Container Shelters are a modular box based upon the design of a shipping container that arrives in a flat kit ready for assembly.  The boxes also join together (stack 2 with interesting add-on's like glass panels, inside partitions, fancy windows and sliding glass doors.  You can choose from a colorful trim with perhaps a gable roof and patio,   to a change in colour and/or cladding style.  You can created a portable hostel, camp or workers quarters, site office or any other temporary need.  Kitchenettes, Bathrooms, Patios and Staircases are also available. They are also already insulated and wired for power ... 

Flat pack means they go up .. and down when you need.  Shift with a Fork Lift, Crane or Trailer.

They get used for villages, mining quarters, sheds, hostels, refuge shelters, hospital accommodation, studios, granny flats, shops, booths, signal boxes, workshops and offices.  Available in regular B Region as standard, can be modified to cyclone C and D standards.  They are a lead up to our EPS Panel Buildings.

Steel Folding Containers another excellent idea for quick build and portable storage, these are the same as steel shipping containers without the Twist Locks and they fold down into a Flat Pack.  You can also move around with a fork lift and trailer ... optional wheels also available for inside use.  

Certified to International wind speed Cyclone 3 = 208 kph. Local Coastal Region C Wind Speeds is 232 kph however both Debbie and Yasi exceeded these ratings with winds up to 260/290 kph respectively, so these structures (like containers) should be protected by cyclone rated walls or a warehouse in regions where winds are like to exceed Cyclone 3, especially for chemicals storage.

Not fussed with DIY?  We can put you in touch with a local installer.

EPS Panel Buildings are our larger project fixed and portable structures.. read more about those at our official website.  

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