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Splash is in the business of the marketing, supply and construction of Fabric Structures and Flat Pack Buildings.

Splash Structures are ideal (and certified) for Australian conditions and available for shipment to anywhere in this locality, from Melbourne.

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Splash Arch Shelters

Splash Fabric Arch Shelters are highly useful, extra strong fabric structures (industrial tents) that have galvanized steel or aluminium frames with strong PVC or PE (including shade cloth) fabric covers. 

Splash Fabric Arch Shelters are popular in Australia with many industries, including rural, mining, aviation, roadworks, railways and warehousing.   Some of their uses include sheds, hangars, workshops, sports and events, boat sheds, markets, barns, transport docks, animal shelters, and generally shade for any need.  

We also have a range of Aluminium - PVC Industrial Tents  and Steel Pole Party Tents, geared to parties, events and some industrial uses.

Splash can offer you the choice of hundreds of ready engineered designs and sizes, or we can assist with custom designed structures including mobile shelters on wheels, tracks or sleds.

Splash Hard Top Arch Shelters have the same use as the fabric (soft tops), but geared to those who must have maximum Fire Protection and/or on site security.  Hard Tops are made from full steel or newer synthetic panels that can be rigid or flexible. 

Arch Shelters are available in steel frames up to 30 meters wide and aluminium frames to 50 meters wide.  

Visit our official website:   Splash Arch Shelters Website

Splash Flat Pack Containers

It seems to be the "in" thing to build a container shack or office,  so if that's your interest, check out our Splash Flat Pack Containers before you do. 

They are literally a flat pack container, a modular box that is already insulated and goes up and down in just a few hours.  They are not as posh as some of those we make in Australia, but they are excellent value for money at around a third of the price, and are already wired for power.  The perfect DIY solution.

Buy a basic unit for an office, studio or insulated storage shed, or stack them to 2-3 high  (any number long or wide) to make a mini complex of storage sheds, offices or living quarters e.g. hostel, camp or village.   Bathrooms, Kitchenettes and even staircases are also available.

Include some add on's, such as larger windows, slide glass doors, gable roof, stairs or a covered patio - and if you want to get really fancy, we can give you a different cladding ...  paintable flat white steel cladding is standard, or opt for a ribbed or corrugated cladding

Flat Pack Container Shelters (Insulated) are presently used for sheds, storage lockups, kiosks shops, cabins and backyard dwellings. They are excellent for bumping in an out event structures. They can also be joined and stacked to develop hostels, remote workers quarters, refuge shelters, extra hospital accommodation, workshops and offices. We also have the Flat Pack Steel Folding Containers (Pictured right) which are a very handy alternative to shipping containers. 

Visit:   Splash Structures Official Website

Not fussed with DIY?  Ask us to put you in touch with a local installer.

Splash has been marketing locally manufactured Portable Structures in Australia since 2001. We now manufacture our brands offshore, and have extended our range to include some exciting North American and European styles, which have been modified to Australian needs.   

We don't have any middlemen or resellers to cater for, and we only manufacture to order from our factories ... so this means savings to our customers for better quality.  There is just little more time for shipping (ex Adelaide Ports)...  

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Portable buildings are becoming more popular as fixed structures ... with the start stop economies that most businesses now experience, many appreciate the option of being able to move their structures at any time in the future.

Portable Structures

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