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Splash Arch Shelter is in the business of light structures for working and storing. We design, market, manufacture, source and install fabric structures in Australia and overseas.

This is an updated intro to Warrnambool Hamilton and Heywood districts.

Covid 19 and beyond

We believe Covid will fizzle in the new year, but regardless of whether it does or not we are moving forward and will announce a range of spectacular new structures for the new year.

Have a safe and prosperous year!

Container Shelters

Canopies 6 to 24m wide. Sea Containers offer strong supports, ballast and easy install.  Fireproof walls with lock up.

Hull Arch Shelters

Hull Roof Arch Shelters take heat to the apex and handle wind and rain better than most roof types. [24 M wide shown]

Hangar Arch Shelters

Hangar shaped Arch Shelters (dome with flat sides) are ideal storage, workshops, and smaller aircraft hangars.  

Super Arch Shelters

Needing a sports dome up to 40 meters wide? These European structures can have aviation grade skins and look great!

Industrial Tents

The biggest of the range aluminum tents are working structures and not out for glamour awards. up to 60 meters huge!

Air Arch Shelters

2022 we will focus on the convenience of unique inflatable (air supported and air tube) structures. Used across Europe!