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This is a regional promotion offering a range of Shelters, Sheds and Hangars ideal for Rural, Aviation, Entertainment and other private or industrial use.

Wonthaggi, Leongatha and Sale 

Our specialty is fabric structures, flat pack containers and EPS Panel Buildings.

Portable Arch Shelters

Fabric Arch Shelters are portable fabric structures (industrial tents) that make fantastic shade and enclosed shelter for many purposes.  As low conductors of temperature, they are cool in Summer and very protective in Winter.  Many of our shelters are suited DIY, so you can often build yourself and save money.

Splash Fabric Arch Shelters are used by many industries, including military, rural, construction, mining, entertainment, sports and equestrian.  They make excellent farm sheds, warehouses and packing sheds, animal houses, vehicle protection, equestrian arenas and stables, truck loading docks, stock yard shade and then as the perfect hail storm protectors, aircraft and helicopter hangars.  We offer many fixed or relocatable designs, or we may be able to assist with custom designed structure. 

Splash Hard Top Arch Shelters have the same exact purpose as our soft top range, but we will offer you a choice of metal or solid synthetic materials.  These are being developed for those who need maximum security, fire hazard an weather extremes protection.

You can read more about these at our main website.  Splash Structures

Splash Flat Pack Structures

Do It Yourself Flat Pack Containers
Designed upon the same principles of a shipping container, as their name suggests, flat packs arrive as a kit, but they are already insulated and wired, ready to be assembled and used immediately on site.  Use them as insulated storage units or turn into liveable, workable space.    

Flat Pack Containers get used as sheds, cabins, studios, granny flats, site offices, school buildings, market stalls and kiosks, and literally anything else you can think of!  They come with a flat white steel cladding (that you can paint yourself) plus one medium sized PVC slide window and PA Door as standard. But this is only the beginning - lots of add-on's, bigger windows, full glass wall panels, gable and slant roofs, patios, staircases and sliding glass doors.  

Flat Pack Containers are our lead into a host of EPS Panel Structures and Buildings that can be fixed or portable.  

You can read more about these at our main website.  Splash Structures

Steel Folding Containers are another flat pack container concept very popular in the States. They are full steel boxes in the same sizes and materials as shipping containers but without twist locks.  They are a brilliant idea for any industry needing quick, temporary or moveable storage.  They go up and dismantle in under an hour, alternatively you can move them around with a fork and truck, or we can quote you industrial wheels for them!

You can read more about these at our main website.  Splash Structures

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Move it - sell it when finished with it .. Can you predict what will happen in the future?    Splash offers hundreds of standard fixed or relocatable portable structure designs that you can take with you. Engineers are on standby to assist with custom designed structures.

Portable Structures

  • Portable Sheds
  • Portable Cabins
  • Portable Offices
  • Containers
  • Fabric Structures 
  • Portable Buildings
  • Flat Pack Structures
  • Aircraft Hangars
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  • Warehouses
  • Animal Housing


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Portable Structures

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